Our team

In its 15 years of operation, Sextans has developped
an extensive expertise in creative graphic design
and production.

Our talented, energetic
and versatile team caters
to our customers needs by providing valuable advice
in the selection of media and technologies as well
as helping them reach their communications goals through brand promotion and enhanced user experience on their
web site.

Picture of Alain Bourque

Alain Bourque

Picture of Marc Leclerc

Marc Leclerc

Picture of Maxime Aubé

Maxime Aubé
Interactive Media Director

Photo d'Isabelle Véronneau

Isabelle Véronneau
Print Production Manager

Photo de Caroline Perron

Caroline Perron
Senior Designer

Photo d'Oscar Kayzak

Oscar Kayzak
Art Director

Photo de Christine Poupart

Christine Poupard
Senior Graphic Designer

Photo de Sophie Chabot

Sophie Chabot
Senior Designer

Photo de Rémi Breton

Rémi Breton
Senior Web Developer

Photo de Philippe Dumesnil

Philippe Dumesnil

Photo de Jacinthe Plante

Jacinthe Plante
Web Developer

Photo de Rahma Barkia

Rahma Barkia
Web Integrator